Latest News & Next Meeting

BOOKING NOW OPEN for the BOULDERING SESSION on Wed 4th Dec.  Bouldering at The Lab, Kirkstall Road. Meet 7.45pm…. finishing 9.00pm. (organised by Helen) A one hour bouldering session, led by the staff at The Lab. £7.00 each, including instruction and shoe hire. There are a maximum of 16 places allocated on first come first served basis. All 16 places filled up last time! To book your place return the permission slip AND £7.00. (Bouldering permission) An on line ‘instructed session parental waive’ form must also be completed. Link here soon. If this isn’t completed you will not be able to climb. If you have no online facility, parents must call in at the beginning of the climbing session to fill one in on site. No refunds for incomplete paperwork. Places booked for… DH, DN

SILVER DofE AWARD. If you would like to take part in Explorer organised expeditions please bring your payment asap. (DofE Silver Expedition registration form) Cheques will not be banked until a minimum of 5 are received as less than this number and expeditions are not viable.

OPAL 2020 OCTOBER PAYMENT still needed from RH, AL, LH & BG


Wed 23rd Oct. No Chris.  7.30-9.15pm. The Grove. Uniform or ‘i-scout’. Tie-Dye T-Shirts (7.30pm start for tie-dye… led by Scott and Helen) and Pumpkin Carving (8.00pm start for pumpkins) If you have a pre-washed cotton t-shirt arrive at 7.30pm to add the dye. This is open to anyone with a pre-washed t-shirt… not just those who were going to attend camp. You will take it home to rinse thoroughly 24 hours later. You will need a plastic bag to transport your damp t-shirt as the dye could stain other things. EVERYONE bring along a pumpkin to carve. We will have some t-lights for inside and a few spare (very small) pumpkins. There will also be an opportunity to work on the bird feeders and add some peanuts when finished! Investing OM and LG-M. You can book and pay for the bouldering session at The Lab. You can book and pay for the Sleepover tonight. LAST NIGHT TO BRING YOUR OCTOBER OPAL 2020 PAYMENT.

Wed 30th Oct. NO MEETING – HALF TERM. ????? Leaders finish building the store cupboard in Kim’s room ???????


Parents…. We have some fundraising events coming up in the next few months. If any parents work for companies that offer ‘match funding’ we now have to pay £250 premise bill each year and are looking for ways to raise this money!

OPAL 2020 …. next/forth payment of £75 is due by the end of Oct.  Please see ‘Commitment Agreement’ and contact Helen if you have any questions. Passports.... clearly things are very confused and lacking in clarity at the moment. It is difficult to offer advice, but it might be prudent to check passports will have a minimum of 6 months to run after our date of arrival back in the UK next summer. If you will be 18 years old before OPAL 2020 departure you will need a DBS. If you are a Young Leader and intend to continue in your role Keith Whitham at 9th (7th will have someone too) will be able to help you with this. You will need to submit a DBS to Helen to be able to travel. No DBS… no trip for over 18years… and there is no way round this.

(October Vine)


Sat 23rd Nov. All sections Bi-annual Charity Sleepover at The Grove. (organised and led by Helen) Piratical theme to raise funds for Shelterbox. We need to raise almost £600 to purchase a single ‘treasure box’ to help a family restart after natural or man-made disaster. Once the family are re-established the  Shelterbox kit will be repacked and shipped to the next family in need. Come dressed as a pirate and prepared to spend the night ‘out on deck’ …in the back yard or at the bottom of the stairs. You can build/use whatever makeshift bivvy shelter you wish. There will be a light supper on the Sat night and some breakfast on Sun morning. Also, a short presentation by a Shelterbox volunteer. You also need to bring your uniform…. there will be a short ‘Scout Own’ on the Sunday morning.. led by Phil Maud.  If you are a Young Leader you can choose to work with your section. The camp cost £10. Participant information (CHARITY SLEEPOVER Participant Information) Permission to camp form (Charity Sleepover – permission to sleepover) Suggested kit list (Charity sleepover Kit list EXPLORERS)

Christmas Toys. We will be collecting good quality new or almost new (but still complete, clean and undamaged) toys and games to donate to a local charity that distributes to ensure no child is forgotten by Father Christmas. Please help support this valuable work by donating by the 4th Dec.

Sat Dec 14th. Bag Pack Morrisons, Horsforth. Profits will be split 50/50 between Grove Scouting and Morrisons own charity. This is still the best fundraising activity available to us with very little preparation or clear up… just participant attendance. The more of you attend… the shorter time each will have to do. Our time slot will be allocated nearer the time… but is usually in the afternoon, unless you attend as a Young Leader with your section.

CAN YOU HELP? We need to source some (old/unwanted) ice cube making trays to use for an activity in the spring. Please bring them to any meeting. Thank you.

A REMINDER….. WHAT WE EXPECT IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF TENZING…..We provide a superb and extensive range of challenging activities during the year on Wednesday nights, plus some additional weekend activities and camps. Leaders work extremely hard on your behalf… and give their time as volunteers. In return we ask that you ALWAYS treat property, premises, leaders and each other with respect.