Latest News & Next Meeting

CONGRATULATIONS to TB who has been selected to be this years Grove Scouting ‘Scout of The Year’. This is in recognition of the awesome contribution TB makes as both a Young Leader and an exemplary Explorer member. WELL DONE.

CAMP… Fri 4th-Sun 6th Oct 2019. Grove Scouting Aldwark Weekend. This weekend is open to all members of Grove Scouting… Beavers through to Explorers and Leaders of all sections. More details about the weekend and how to book & pay for your place (Aldwark – Explorer Booking Form and Information) To be returned by WEDNESDAY 11th SEPT.  At this camp there will be the opportunity for Explorers to make a tie-dye t-shirt. If you are particular about size, style and fit of t-shirt… bring your own, pale coloured or white PRE-WASHED (so not brand new) t-shirt to the camp. We will provide the dye and have a few spare Primark t-shirts! The dye will be added on Fri night… and rinsed out on Sat night. LAST NIGHT TO BOOK AND PAY IS WEDNESDAY 11th SEPT.

Can you help... we need to source some (old/unwanted) ice cube making trays to use for an activity in the autumn. Please bring them to any meeting. Thank you.

On Wed 11th Sept you will need 2 empty tetra juice cartons and an empty drinks can! More info below. THIS WILL ALSO BE THE LAST NIGHT TO BOOK AND PAY FOR THE ALDWARK CAMP!


Wed 4th Sept.  7.30-9.00pm. Hunters Greave. Uniform or ‘i-scout’. Cooking Bannock Breads, Mackerel and Hot Chocolate using the Giant Wax Buddy Burners and large frying pans and billy pans. You will need to bring a mug, spoon and bowl …AND A TORCH/LAMP for tonight’s activities. Autumn term subs are due from each of you tonight. YOU CAN BRING ALDWARK CAMP FORMS TO TONIGHTS MEETING.

Wed 11th Sept. 8.00-9.15pm. The Grove. Uniform or ‘i-scout’. Investing OM. Start making a ‘Pop Pop’ Boat.  Watch how to make one... so you know what you are doing! You will need to bring… 2 empty tetra juice cartons and an empty drinks can... these need to have been rinsed so they are nolonger sticky! We will provide the other materials. LAST NIGHT TO BRING ALDWARK CAMP FORMS. 

Wed 18th Sept. 8.00-9.15pm. The Grove. Uniform or ‘i-scout’.  ‘Pop Pop’ Boats. Another night building the boats.

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd Sept. DISTRICT ALDWARK CAMP. (District Explorer Aldwark 2019) Please contact Phil direct (details on the form) as there are NO TENZING LEADERS at this weekend…. we have a Grove Scout Water Activity weekend a fortnight later which the Tenzing Leaders will be present at. Places to be booked by the end of June.

OPAL 2020 …. next/forth payment of £75 is due by the end of Oct.  Please see ‘Commitment Agreement’ and contact Helen if you have any questions. NEW TO TENZING? Having lots of fun on Wednesday evenings? Why not take part in our international trip next summer where you can enjoy not just fun filled Wednesday evenings …but a whole week of fun! There are a couple of spaces. More information on the international page of this website… or talk to Helen. A HEADS UP – TURNING 18y BEFORE THE TRIP? You will need a scouting DBS… (Disclosing & Barring Service) If you are a Young Leader and carry on with your section to start training to be a full leader, you will have to have a DBS to continue with your section…. Keith Whitham is your man! Not a Young Leader… you can still need a DBS through scouting. Keith Whitham might be able to help… or it might be Keith Parks our DESC. You will also all need to be registered as a Network Member. There is no additional charge…. but it must be done! Again Keith Parks is probably your man! Helen will need to see a copy of your DBS when passports and (maybe) EHIC Cards are submitted by all participants in March 2020. Turning 18y after that… but before the date of travel….you will need to be slick with getting these things organised! You will all need to bring your actual DBS with you and evidence of being registered as a Network Member… (along with passport) at time of travel. This will apply to all those over 18y (so all the leaders too!) This is part of the safeguarding process that must be completed.

Sat 23rd Nov. All sections Bi-annual Charity Sleepover at The Grove. (organised and led by Helen) Piratical theme to raise funds for Shelterbox. We need to raise almost £600 to purchase a single ‘treasure box’ to help a family restart after natural or man-made disaster. Once the family are re-established the  Shelterbox kit will be repacked and shipped to the next family in need. Come dressed as a pirate and prepared to spend the night ‘out on deck’ …in the back yard or at the bottom of the stairs. You can build/use whatever makeshift bivvy shelter you wish. There will be a light supper on the Sat night and some breakfast on Sun morning. Also, a short presentation by a Shelterbox volunteer. You also need to bring your uniform…. there will be a short ‘Scout Own’ on the Sunday morning.. led by Phil Maud.  If you are a Young Leader you can choose to work with your section.

A REMINDER….. WHAT WE EXPECT IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF TENZING…..We provide a superb and extensive range of challenging activities during the year on Wednesday nights, plus some additional weekend activities and camps. Leaders work extremely hard on your behalf… and give their time as volunteers. In return we ask that you ALWAYS treat property, premises, leaders and each other with respect.

Fundraising. Explorer participation in Grove Scouting fundraising events has been falling off in recent years. Grove Scouting as a whole is finding it harder to raise the much needed funds to pay for the use of the premises. It has been decided that each section must make an annual contribution. This is on top of the capitation and money used to fund activities and will be several hundred pounds a year. We need to think of ideas to raise funds for the purpose of funding our use of the activity room at the Grove. Any ideas….. please share them….. EXPLORERS….. WHAT WOULD YOU BE PREPARED TO DO TO RAISE FUNDS to pay our premises bill?